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Based in Thailand and in this hobby since 2006. I'm not a hardcore collector myself, but I really love to see creative pictures from other users. Favorite series include Mai-series, Nanoha, K-ON!, Fate-series, Love Live and many more. Happy to be part of a large community of people who share the same interest ^^

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02 maand(en) geledenoldman_otakuoldman_otaku
347?!?!?! Damn
03 maand(en) geledenextremebadbroextremebadbro
Heya, wondered if you are still selling the red riding hood miku?
13 maand(en) geledenteliiiiteliiii
Hey there, I received the package you sent me of the nendoroid petites of the love live girls! Thank you so much! They came in perfect condition!
110 maand(en) geledenYutuoYutuo
Kino (10 maand(en) geleden) #4722737Hello, thanks for the FR. We have similar taste :) Nice collection!
Thanks for accepted my FR~ nice to meet you. You also have a very nice collection ^-^
ps I'm Thai as well :3
11 jaar geleden (1 jaar geleden)dark-freefiredark-freefire
Nice Figures :D especially the Deadly Sins ^^

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