Vocaloid - Kamui Gakupo - Nendoroid #247 (Good S...Vocaloid - Kamui Gakupo - Nendoroid #247 (Good Smile Company)


Vocaloid - Kamui Gakupo - Nendoroid #247 (Good Smile Company)





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09 dag(en) geledenxLaCielxLaCiel
Selling mine for $40USD (Brand New | Unopened) Please PM if interested.
01 maand(en) geleden (29 dag(en) geleden)silentxangelsilentxangel
03 maand(en) geledenTakasugiTakasugi
himadays (3 maand(en) geleden) #2194198Looking to find a Gakupo if anyone's selling theirs!
(ext link)
03 maand(en) geledenhimadayshimadays
Looking to find a Gakupo if anyone's selling theirs!
04 maand(en) geledenMobiusMobius
Selling him for $30 with shipping included in the US. PM if interested.
04 maand(en) geledenyoujiyouji what
He just arrived, and he is perfect!! <3 He now is my favourite figure in my collection :D
And when you look at my last post you can see that SAL shipping only took ~10 days *-*
35 maand(en) geleden (5 maand(en) geleden)youjiyouji what
I really want him, I mean he comes with an eggplant. An eggplant he can ride on. Help.
iuoz6gtf5rderfgvb need this so much D: hope I can get him on Mandarake

UPDATE: I couldn't resist and got him off Amiami pre-owned for 2,480 Yen :'D
06 maand(en) geledenAsceAsce
i love the little eggplant accessory he comes with xD
06 maand(en) geledenErenJagerErenJager
Got him today~! He is quite lovely....
07 maand(en) geledenSztikeSztike
1980 JPY (ext link)

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