Original Character - Cat Lap Milk - 1/7 (Native)Original Character - Cat Lap Milk - 1/7 (Native)


Deze afbeelding bevat inhoud die niet geschikt is voor jongeren onder de 18.
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Made to order.

Order period: 2012/12/27 ~ 2013/02/12

Wonder Festival Winter 2015 Rerelease limited to 66 pieces.



© Native / Katsuaki Nemoto / Misaki Kurehito

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02 dag(en) geledenZariganiZarigani One who spends too much...
Selling mine for $125 + S&H. sale #69020 Please feel free to make an offer through PM's and we can discuss prices. :) I'm moderately flexible and I want these to go to fellow collectors first.
03 dag(en) geledenUltimateCircusUltimateCircus
I'm selling her. She's opened but never been taken out of the box. Pm me if interested :)
013 dag(en) geleden (12 dag(en) geleden)MySmileMySmile
I'm moving so I'd like to sell this! It was never taken out of inner packaging.

PM me with an offer!

015 dag(en) geledenMoroMoro
UncleJoey (1 maand(en) geleden) #2655907"Wonder Festival Winter 2015 Rerelease limited to 66 pieces."
Well good luck getting one...

[laughing and crying at the same time]

This is the only figure from Native I ever considered, but at the time Native didn't have an international shop. Such regret.
01 maand(en) geledenUncleJoeyUncleJoey
"Wonder Festival Winter 2015 Rerelease limited to 66 pieces."

Well good luck getting one...
01 maand(en) geledenV15V15
Mine has started to develop some paint transfer on her shoulders and back from her hair. The bottom of her hands are started to look a bit more "pinkish" as well.
02 maand(en) geledenXKatanaXKatana
two on amiami:

(A-/B) 16,980 JPY
(B/B) 13,580 JPY

*This item can only be paid for via Credit Card.

(ext link)
02 maand(en) geledenBlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
Long shot, but can't say I didn't try. PM if selling. US seller preferred but willing to branch out to have her.
03 maand(en) geledenyuriiyurii
16k inner box not opened (ext link)
04 maand(en) geledenJ-FigureJ-Figure
Available for pre-order @ J-Figure.com (¥16,527)
#2420607 // Sponsored by J-Figure.co...

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