Original Character - Creator's Collection - Cat ...Original Character - Creator's Collection - Cat Lap Milk - 1/7 (Native)

Deze afbeelding bevat inhoud die niet geschikt is voor jongeren onder de 18.
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Made to order.

Order period: 2012/12/27 ~ 2013/02/12

Winter Wonder Festival 2015 re-release is limited to 66 pieces.



© Native / Katsuaki Nemoto / Misaki Kurehito

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010 dag(en) geledenJohn-chanJohn-chan
Here is a translated 2chan review of her! [ext link ]
022 dag(en) geledenwolfgenzwolfgenz
Looking to buy! Pm me if selling!
02 maand(en) geledenhaleysonghaleysong
Pm if selling or Transferring the re-release ver
02 maand(en) geledendiedhopediedhope
Someone sells her in the EU?
PM me
03 maand(en) geledenBlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
PM if selling
USD & US seller preferred
13 maand(en) geleden (3 maand(en) geleden)KinkslinksKinkslinks #1 Noiz and Genos Fan
04 maand(en) geledenJ-FigureJ-Figure
Pre-owned A/A condition at 16800 yen. Ship worldwide by SAL, AIR and EMS.
[ext link ]
04 maand(en) geledenBlackfire89Blackfire89
she is really beautiful, i wish i could buy her twice lol
05 maand(en) geledenTiamat26Tiamat26
makes me mad that I did not pick her up at 11000 yen on Ami Ami back in the day. She was in B C condition.

= )

06 maand(en) geledenTrashCatTrashCat
pawprint (7 maand(en) geleden) #7552742I unpacked mine today, been in the box since purchase and noticed the white in the middle maid uniform has a red tinge to it, and the torso seems to have black bleed over from the straps. Is it common with age does anyone else notice this?
Mine came with a bit of black bleeding around the straps right out of the factory back then and I even sent an email to GSC asking if this was normal. They said they didn't see anything unusual on the pics I sent them so yeah, seems to be normal with this figure. :/

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