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12 jaar geledenXKatanaXKatana
Set w/ Run 1,200 yen -mandarake [ext link ]
15 jaar geledenkuuumakuuuma
For those who ordered from HLJ, did it come with receipt papers?

05 jaar geledenkuroSTkuroST
SheiyaShe dissapoint me a littlebit.. i love the pose..

I love the pose too, but i hate the shiny face!
15 jaar geledenkuuumakuuuma
I saw someone selling her for almost $40.
I'm glad I got mine for $15. woot.

05 jaar geledenblackrockshooterblackrockshooter
05 jaar geleden (5 jaar geleden)FuyukaFuyuka
Selling mine because I no longer want it. -.-
Unopened & New. No dents or scratches. Contact me for price and details. I will negotiate for a lower price. I will include FREE SHIPPING for US Residents.

05 jaar geledenFishcaek-ChanFishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
She's back on HJL!
Get her while you still can!!(≧ロ≦)//
05 jaar geleden (5 jaar geleden)SheiyaSheiya
She dissapoint me a littlebit.. i love the pose..
05 jaar geledenjiejiejiejie on ice
chapters0i dunno why it says feb 2012 for amiami...
Because it's a different figure: item #85353 ;-)
05 jaar geledenchapters0chapters0
this one is already out..i dunno why it says feb 2012 for amiami...

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