Mayoi Neko Overrun! - Serizawa Fumino - Excellen...Mayoi Neko Overrun! - Serizawa Fumino - Excellent Model - 1/8 - ver 1.02 (MegaHouse)



Comes with a tsun and dere face. New version brings cat re-paint.



© MegaHouse / Inada Masaki

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02 dag(en) geledenhyperassasin95hyperassasin95
This figure is gorgeous
02 maand(en) geledenMsNixMsNix
06 maand(en) geledenbethykinsbethykins
Selling for £20 if anyone is interested PM me :)
09 maand(en) geleden (9 maand(en) geleden)RinkuRinku
Just got her new from Mandarake, and she herself is really nice, but the base is absolute crap imo...
it's pretty thin and flimsy and has a "pringle" form, so the whole base and figure are extremely wobbly...
It has about 4 mm under the edge of the base and the ground, if i push one side of the base down.
Really it's pretty useless for me in this state, she just falls when walking past my (kinda wobbly) display >.>

Did anyone else experience this problem with this figure? Or does someone know a way to fix this, and flatten the base more? I tried heating and bending it, but that doesn't seem to work..
01 jaar geledenwewewewe
Pink stripes vs blue stripes, decisions, decisions. (~ =‿=)~
01 jaar geledenFauxShoFauxSho
Selling mine, brand new in box. PM with offer. ^^
02 jaar geledenZacZac
03 jaar geledenAmurAmur
GuntherWelkin7 (3 jaar geleden) #1377816What are the differences with the first model besides cats and pants?
IMHO, pantsu repaint is a mistake, since original was blue-white...
That's why I searched and bought the first ver.
03 jaar geledenSztikeSztike
3480 JPY [ext link ]
03 jaar geledendymitrdymitr
Got a 3.5k one of Mandarake =D.

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