Mayoi Neko Overrun! - Serizawa Fumino - Excellen...Mayoi Neko Overrun! - Serizawa Fumino - Excellent Model - 1/8 - ver 1.02 (MegaHouse)



Comes with a tsun and dere face. New version brings cat re-paint.



© MegaHouse / Inada Masaki

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06 maand(en) geledenbethykinsbethykins
Still selling for £20
07 maand(en) geledenhyperassasin95hyperassasin95
This figure is gorgeous
010 maand(en) geleden (5 maand(en) geleden)MsNixMsNix
01 jaar geledenbethykinsbethykins
Selling for £20 if anyone is interested PM me :)
01 jaar geleden (1 jaar geleden)RinkuRinku
Just got her new from Mandarake, and she herself is really nice, but the base is absolute crap imo...
it's pretty thin and flimsy and has a "pringle" form, so the whole base and figure are extremely wobbly...
It has about 4 mm under the edge of the base and the ground, if i push one side of the base down.
Really it's pretty useless for me in this state, she just falls when walking past my (kinda wobbly) display >.>

Did anyone else experience this problem with this figure? Or does someone know a way to fix this, and flatten the base more? I tried heating and bending it, but that doesn't seem to work..
01 jaar geledenwewewewe
Pink stripes vs blue stripes, decisions, decisions. (~ =‿=)~
02 jaar geledenFauxShoFauxSho
Selling mine, brand new in box. PM with offer. ^^
02 jaar geledenZacZac
03 jaar geledenAmurAmur
GuntherWelkin7 (4 jaar geleden) #1377816What are the differences with the first model besides cats and pants?
IMHO, pantsu repaint is a mistake, since original was blue-white...
That's why I searched and bought the first ver.
03 jaar geledenSztikeSztike
3480 JPY [ext link ]

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