Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/...Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/7 (Good Smile Company)



Light-up effect of the horn requires a MILIGHT 316



© Good Smile Company / Media Factory / Ekoshi / Luu / Nagatsuki Tappei / Yuukoon

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681 jaar geleden (1 jaar geleden)trapartrapar
Jayde (1 jaar geleden) #13316053But where's the Ram+Rem double figure?!

Hopes and dreams now. Would've been a lovely set.
661 jaar geledenRavenWolf1RavenWolf1
Who is this Rem? I don't recall there ever being a character by that name in this show.

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02 uur geledenNinomaNinoma
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03 dag(en) geledenPrettybarfPrettybarf
michiruhyoudou (4 dag(en) geleden) #23833537Ill wait after release
Altought the price more high when pre order
the more figures of a character, the more likely it is to bin
04 dag(en) geledenmichiruhyoudoumichiruhyoudou
Ill wait after release
Altought the price more high when pre order
07 dag(en) geleden (7 dag(en) geleden)mmesammesa
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128 dag(en) geleden (27 dag(en) geleden)deussolarisdeussolaris
Niyari (2 maand(en) geleden) #21556795just realized she doesn't have a garterbelt. seems weird to leave something out of her official character design, especially for GSC
Damn...I didn't even notice
I really hope they add them on the final release like Pupazpupaz said but I really doubt it :(
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51 maand(en) geledenDeepEyesDeepEyes
For me this one has the best Rem face out there... But well, it's just my opinion...
11 maand(en) geledenPupazpupazPupazpupaz
Kirito_Kun2 (1 maand(en) geleden) #22668668It's not as "cute" as I thought it was before I guess.
Funny, cause to me it looks even too cute compared to her anime version.
But as I said before, this is the light novel version of Rem.

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