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No Game No Life - Hatsuse Izuna - Jibril - Shiro...No Game No Life - Hatsuse Izuna - Jibril - Shiro - Sora - Stephanie Dola - 1/7 (Phat Company)





© Phat Company / Abe Koudai / Maimocchi (Tsuru no Yakata)

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1882 jaar geleden (2 jaar geleden)zeixblezeixble
dat price though

Edit: I said this as a joke, ya'll need to calm down
1042 jaar geledenunoticeunotice

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03 uur geledenNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥30,087)

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04 uur geledenSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
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014 uur geledenPLAMOYAPLAMOYA
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018 uur geledenotakurepublicotakurepublic
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05 dag(en) geledenLoveChopperLoveChopper
Pyrokar91 (13 dag(en) geleden) #23444572I don't have any issues with her..I preordered her, when she came out and since then everything is perfect :)

Awesome for you! ^^
05 dag(en) geledenLoveChopperLoveChopper
beatriceforlife (12 dag(en) geleden) #23463557Do you mean an issue with the leg bending, or an issue with the peg bending over time? I'm not sure what the base is made out of, but generally iirc these PVC/ABS mixtures do not bend at all. Pure PVC figures can, but not anything mixed with ABS. ABS breaks before it bends.
This is good figure, but I actually like the very recent GSC release of her the best. Very vibrant color and a really cute pose. And it's much cheaper.

same here, I like both tis and GSC version!
05 dag(en) geledenLoveChopperLoveChopper
Stalgonoff (5 dag(en) geleden) #23771142I've had her for the better part of a year and I don't see any leaning. She's quite light and her connection to her base is pretty strong.

icic. great. kinda want her but cannot forsake my beloved Kakashi and other One Piece figures >.<
05 dag(en) geledenStalgonoffStalgonoff
LoveChopper (13 dag(en) geleden) #23435484wow this figure is so nice. however, I m wondering if display long term, will there be any leaning issue or not.... her weight seems to be supported by only one leg?!?! that is scary....
I've had her for the better part of a year and I don't see any leaning. She's quite light and her connection to her base is pretty strong.
06 dag(en) geledenPlazaJapanPlazaJapan
Available for pre-order @ PlazaJapan
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010 dag(en) geleden (10 dag(en) geleden)Anime-IslandAnime-Island
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