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  • 1 minuten geleden
    I remembered the Room Fragrant Rainbow Moon Chalice and soon there was a Proplica. If Bandai really wants more of my dough then they should follow this up with a Proplica version before I can finish reciting the name of every single Yoma that Sailor Moon has encountered.
  • 1 minuten geleden
    Very nice loot! I love how much variation is here and all those Cinderella Girls artworks are beautiful.

    As for the anime community, I agree with you that it has gone a little downhill lately, and MFC is one of the few safe havens as far as anime communities go. I also feel the same for 'anime nerd' culture in general becoming a bit of a weird superiority contest these days, also present at conventions and in cosplay which I LOVED when they were just purely judgement-free and for fun (not for money or fame..) nerd things back in the day... now all of it is something else I don't quite like as much anymore, it feels like the innocence is gone :(
  • 5 minuten geleden
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  • 5 minuten geleden
    I think it's a good thing that anime have become more popular in america, well, at least for me. More and more visual novels are being localized and I'm overjoyed. If mainstreaming means opening up the door to more niche markets, then how can that be anything but positive?

    Of course some people are going to bash but people bash for just about anything to make themselves feel better. They're not worth my time nor yours. Just enjoy the new ride and find friends that want to board the same train of interest as you.
  • 6 minuten geleden
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  • 6 minuten geleden
    Omg, I love her. <3 Gonna preorder her for sure.
  • 6 minuten geleden
    Does this belong to the Stick and Rod series?
    EDIT: This is 6.47 inches tall whereas the Moon Stick from the S&R is 6.24 inches. This one isn't a revision of this either.
  • 7 minuten geleden
    As an outsider to the US, I think a lot of US fandoms have the problems you describe. If anything gets "big" over there, then you can be guaranteed that some of the online communities will turn to shit.

    Toxic fans definitely exist over here, but I feel it's more self-limiting. I think they'll generally throw in with the American lot online, and the usual behaviours tend to mean they don't integrate a whole lot irl. I feel like you get less "passionate" people here too. Invested in a show, yes, the show being their life... less so.

    The cosplay community thing reminds me about what happens to MMOs when they go free-to-play - paid MMOs are more niche, and your average person is more likely to be invested in the game, because, well, they've invested in it. Then the f2p horde comes in, which brings in a lot of people who don't care, and you get a few people backsliding into bad habits, as they can get away with stuff now. The nice communities are often still there, they're just hidden under the noise, and you have to go find them. You have to let them observe you, and give them chance to invite you. That 'pre-guild' time can be rough, but it's kind of the only way. I suspect the kindly cosplayers are out there, some will have given it up, and the rest are more guarded to avoid the noisy lot.
  • 13 minuten geleden
    Ja hab mich leider echt wieder vom Joker getrennt. Ich hatte die Vorbestellungen für die beiden anderen Persona 5 Mädels gecancelt und hatte dann keinen Bock nur Akira zu behalten XD Ich find P5 immernoch toll und hätte auch gerne iwann die Anne, Futaba und Makoto Figuren aber das muss definitiv noch warten ^^;

    Hab nämlich für nächstes Jahr wieder nen Flug nach Japan gebucht ^^;; D.h. jetzt gehts wieder los mit sparen XD

    Die Velvet hätte ich mit allerdings sofort noch bestellt wenn sie die jetzt nochmal mit Dämonenarm rausgebracht hätten, aber so... nöp :P Was mich bei ihr immer gestört hat, war das Face Oo Sieht weder so aus wie im Game noch im ToZX Anime >_> Vlt hab ich ja auch Glück und kann sie mit Bonus iwo in Tokyo ergattern :D

    Das mit dem fest genagelt sein bei Pre-Ordern stimmt total -_- Und dann wird man ja doch mmer wieder hängen gelassen... sollte im November eigl 3 Figuren bekommen, alle wurden verschoben, eine sogar bis Feb 2018 O_o