3 minuten geledenNendo9Nendo9
Look to part with mine for 25 USD.
New and Unopened
Send a PM if interested.
5 minuten geleden3Dghoul3Dghoul
BVibes (1 dag(en) geleden) #21489454I saw him for cheap, so I decided to try it while waiting for item #549425. I've been interested in this one for years but back then, I couldn't buy it.
It's 9 years old so I didn't expect much, but it actually is very cool in real life and a lot better made than expected. Hibird is my favorite and even he was sculpted well; I didn't know there was a separate hair piece for Hibird to sit on the head. The box is good for display as well. I display him away from most other figures to avoid crowding, I wouldn't want one of my other figures to be bitten to death or mysteriously end up on the floor in pieces.
If you aren't sure, buy it if you can find for a good price.

prays to find him and mukuro for a decent price one dsy..
5 minuten geledenNendo9Nendo9
Looking to part with my Nagato.
New, Unopened, still has the opaque box wrap too.
Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
7 minuten geledenNendo9Nendo9
Looking to part with mine.
Brand New and Unopened
Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
7 minuten geledenYoyoYoyo
BadWolfVindici (11 uur geleden) #21502017Sooo it looks like we'll see the prototype tomorrow.

FINALLY! I hope they'll show Allen too ^^
8 minuten geledenYuRiPaYuRiPa
Looking at the pictures I have no clue anymore what the red rings next to her face are... Thought they were earrings, but these seem to be attached to her hair. :p Hope the base will be (is) stable, looks a bit unstable to me, but maybe that's just my imagination. :-) Still need to wait for a while anyway before she comes into stores in Europe :P She looks lovely, though she'll never beat Annabel. :)
10 minuten geledenRaylaSanRaylaSan
Someone please message me if they're selling him...
13 minuten geledenKyokiPonKyokiPon
His face looks amazing
~ :D!!! But no figures for me
until next year LOL
14 minuten geledenblaizevincentblaizevincent
Sekhmet (4 uur geleden) #21510409I mean overall he looks good but his face kinda looks like Michael Jackson. I don't know the equivalent of the term butter face for males but yeah.

Couldn't agree more, the nose and eyes are a dead ringer for Michael Jackson
16 minuten geleden (11 minuten geleden)OsomatsuOsomatsu
I really did not like the bases : [ext link ]
21 minuten geledenMindsEdgeMindsEdge
Selling mine, $110 shipped in the US, if interested, hit me up, listing can be found here.

sale #128995
23 minuten geledenorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
wow that glass mirror decoration thing that you have is amazing!!
25 minuten geledenrivalappearsrivalappears
I would like to buy this to split. I'd take the hair and base. If you're interested in another part please reply here (mfc link)
33 minuten geledenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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33 minuten geledenamy616amy616 Let's DANCE
She's supposed to be coloured this upcoming Hobby Expo-- today!
40 minuten geledenTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
5 is cute, but she's also a very typical Miku. 6 is adorable, and the black and white colour scheme would look fantastic.
41 minuten geledenmukyuumukyuu
Happy birthday!!

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